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5 Tips for Avoiding Falls

5 Tips for Avoiding Falls
5 Tips for Avoiding Falls

5 Tips for Avoiding Falls

The first day of fall may bring many thoughts to your mind – cooler weather (except for those of us in the south), leaves changing colors, and of course, football. But the first day of fall also kicks off Fall Prevention Week. Falls pose a risk to life, health, and independence for many older adults. 

Here are 5 tips to help avoid falls.

  1. Ample Assistance: We all need help sometimes. Installing assistive devices in your home can help you when you need it most. Some of these devices include: a handrail at stairs, grab bars by tubs or showers, a plastic chair or bench in the shower to sit on, or a non-slip grip mat in the tub or shower. These small additions can be a huge help. 
  2. Solid Shoes: Just like the foundation of our home needs to be solid, our bodily foundation needs to be solid too. Socks or stockings can slip easily on any floor surface if worn alone. Wearing non-skid shoes can help you maintain traction and avoid a fall. Well-fitting and comfortable shoes will help give you that solid foundation.
  3. Lots of Light: Adequate lighting in any room is necessary to avoid tripping hazards. Bright lights in hallways or stairways will help you see clearly and maneuver safely. Putting a lamp by your bed will give you quick access to lighting should you have to get up in the middle of the night. 
  4. Clear the Clutter: Keep open walkways around furniture by removing papers, magazines, and electrical cords. Place plants or small pieces of furniture under windows or against a wall to allow plenty of open floor space in your home. Finally, store your everyday essentials in easy to reach places, so you have easy access to the things you need. 
  5. Healthy Habits: Exercising 2-3 times a week will help your balance, keep you fit, and improve your strength. See your doctor for a wellness check once a year. These routine visits can help detect any issues that would increase your risk of a fall such as diminishing eyesight, bone health, or low blood pressure. Your medications should also be reviewed by your doctor as these can contribute to drowsiness or dizziness. 

Falls are a common occurrence among senior adults with the majority of incidents occurring at home. This month, as the weather hopefully begins to cool and football games begin, take some time to follow these tips for a safer home and help lower your risk of falling. 

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