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Benefits of No Scalpel Knee Surgery

Benefits of No Scalpel Knee Surgery
Benefits of No Scalpel Knee Surgery

No scalpel knee replacement surgery using the Medtronic PlasmaBlade represents a quantum leap over traditional kneereplacement surgery. The PlasmaBlade combines the precision of a surgical scalpel with the bleeding control of an electrosurgical device. Here are the benefits of no scalpel surgery:

Historically, surgeons have used the scalpel to cut the top layers of skin when performing shoulder surgery. Scalpels offer a high level of precision, but are not designed to control bleeding. So, an incision is made and then a cautery will be used to stop the bleeding. By then, blood may have gotten into the tissues that may cause bruising and pain due to swelling of tissues.

The PlasmaBlade bridges the performance gap between the scalpel and the cautery. Using proprietary pulse plasma technology, the PlasmaBlade can cut quickly and easily through all types of soft tissue while minimizing injury to surrounding tissue. The procedure is very safe as the blade is just a means of transferring energy and not a physical blade. The surgeon does not cut the tissues by pushing on the blade. The plasma energy that is transferred to the tissues through the blade is what actually does the cutting.

The PlasmaBlade provides the best of both worlds in a single tool. It reduces bleeding by 59% compared with a scalpel and generates half the heat of traditional electrosurgical cautery devices while significantly reducing the amount of damage to surrounding tissue. This preserves healthy tissue and can result in improved surgical wound healing compared to traditional electrosurgery.

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