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Reduce Opioid Use with Multimodal Pain Management

Reduce Opioid Use with Multimodal Pain Management
Reduce Opioid Use with Multimodal Pain Management

Most of the timepatients have concerns about dealing with postsurgical pain. Traditionally, opioids were used, but with the widespread opioid crisis caused by the serious side effects, medical experts are always looking for better alternatives. With multimodal pain management, your pain can be controlled much safer and better.

Multimodal non-opioid pain management is when a variety of different regional block analgesic medications, which have different mechanisms of action, are used to treat pain. A combination of an anti-inflammatory, nerve pain medication, or other types of medication may be used depending on the cause of the pain.

No single medication can be the best for all types of pain. When different medications in lower doses are used instead of a high dose of a single medication, you get more effective pain control with less side effects.

Regarding surgery, for minor operations, a combination of Tylenol and Advil may be superior to opioids and for larger operations, a combination of all 3 can have better effect than just opioids alone. Multimodal pain management lasts longer and keeps patients from feeling groggy, which means you have less nausea, pain and you are more alert afterwards. This helps patients recover from surgery quickly while controlling their pain.

Better pain control in the first few days after surgery means most patients will be able to quickly wean off their prescription medications and comfortably return to routine activities of daily living. Once the pain is bought under better control, the next step in recovery, physical therapy rehabilitation,can be initiated to help ensure the pain does not recur.

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