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Seeking Orthopedic Care for Youth Sports Injuries?

Seeking Orthopedic Care for Youth Sports Injuries?
Seeking Orthopedic Care for Youth Sports Injuries?

Seeking Orthopedic Care for Youth Sports Injuries?

Participating in sports is a great benefit for youth. Sports improve coordination and physical fitness. They also teach self-discipline and teamwork. Those are just a few of the reasons that keep more than 35 million children in the US participating in youth sports each year.1

With these benefits comes a risk of injury. Sports injuries can be acute or chronic. Acute injuries are a result of trauma such as a sprain, fracture or dislocation. Chronic injuries occur from overuse during a span of time.

When your child suffers an orthopedic injury, you should directly seek the care of an orthopedic specialist for several reasons.

Specialized Care – When your child gets hurt, your first instinct may be to run to the emergency room, but that may not be the best option. In most cases, patients with an orthopedic injury will be temporarily treated, braced or bandaged at the emergency room and then referred to an orthopedic specialist. By directly seeking an orthopedic specialist, they can accurately diagnose and treat orthopedic injuries. Especially for youth, as their injuries are different from adult injuries because children are still growing. They have open growth plates, developing bones, and growing muscles.

Lower Cost – An emergency room visit for an acute injury can lead to significant out-of-pocket costs. Since most injuries will be referred to an orthopedic specialist, going straight to an orthopedic specialist for care can save you valuable time and money.

Timely Treatment – An orthopedic specialist is going to provide timely treatment. Instead of waiting for triage in an emergency room, an orthopedic specialist can respond more quickly to relieve pain and administer proper treatment.

Lower Risk of Infection – When visiting an orthopedic office, you lower your risk of infection. Being seen in a hospital or emergency room where infectious diseases are being treated on a regular basis increases your risk of an infection. This is especially true as we continue to walk through the COVID crisis.

Whatever the injury, acute or chronic, the quality and timing of care have a direct impact on outcomes and a successful return to sports. An orthopedic specialist will give your student athlete specialized care and timely treatment offering them greater potential for a safe and successful return to the sport they love.

Dr. Daneca DiPaolo is a highly skilled, board certified orthopedic surgeon located in Grenada, Mississippi. She offers the latest orthopedic techniques and provides quality, compassionate, state of the art orthopedic care. For all appointments and inquiries, please call (662) 227-7794 or visit our website https://www.drdipaolo.com/.


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