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The Benefits of Having Surgery Over the Holidays

The Benefits of Having Surgery Over the Holidays
The Benefits of Having Surgery Over the Holidays

The Benefits of Having Surgery Over the Holidays

Do you take advantage of the holiday season to have a long overdue surgery, or do you try and cope with the pain as best you can until the holidays are over? This can be a tough decision, but with same day surgery you can undergo surgery without spending your entire holiday in the hospital.

4 Benefits of having surgery over the holidays:

  • You can be discreet about the surgery: Most people are out of the office and go on vacations during this season. If you would rather not have too many people know about your surgery, this may be the best time for it.
  • Ideal time for staying indoors: The winter is the best time to stay indoors and curl up next to a warm fireplace with a good movie or book. That’s also what is good for your recovery after orthopedic surgery.
  • Extra support from your loved ones: After a major orthopedic surgery such as a hip or knee replacement, it’s always a good idea to have someone to help at home with routine activities of daily living for the first few days. Scheduling surgery during the holiday season means you are likely to get that support from your family or friends.
  • Less out-of-pocket expense: You probably have met your insurance deductible by this time, which means you may not have to spend as much out of pocket for the surgery. Now is the right time to use your accumulated annual sick leave for surgery.

When it comes to surgery, scheduling during the holidays can make a difference in your surgical outcome and recovery. The extra help of family and the perfect end-of-the-year vacation timing both help ensure your December procedure is set up for success by allowing you time to rest. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to begin the new year with an improved quality of life and your surgery behind you?

Book an appointment with us for an in-depth evaluation and to find out if you are a candidate for surgery this holiday season.

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